moments of impact.

first off, before you call me out on it ill go ahead and confirm your accusation. yes, i stole my header from the movie The Vow. so now that we have pushed that elephant out of the room i feel like we can officially move on.

for almost a year ive known about Bangs Shoes. when i saw them i was instantly like “get on my feet.” but it wasn’t til i found out the story behind the shoe that it became more than a shoe. It wasn’t til i received my bangs family that i fell completely in love with the shoe. luckily when the creator of bangs Hannah Davis made me a bangs ambassador she put me under one of my closest friends, Sydney. Hannah will never know how big of a blessing that was. i was given then, a bangs team. a team of people from all different cities and states all coming together under something like a shoe to strive to make a difference in the world and to see the world change before our generation. knowing i have the bangs family that i do is probably the most comforting feeling in the entire world. going into it, it was just a shoe to me. now its become a huge part of me. with a shoe i can enter any conversation and end it with changing someones life because they decided to move the conversation from the shoes on my feet to the divorce they had to go through last month. i will forever #liveBANGS.

today, i was impacted. this impact may have been as small as a few words on a screen at 10:00 AM but it hit me like a car going a million miles a minute. my impact came from a girl i met named Jordan in august on my way to Destin, Florida. Jordan hates sending me videos of herself talking and for that i will never understand. she has a huge drive for her sport, her family, and her education. she lives a life she would want if she were someone else. she texted me this morning and asked me why i took down my blog link off of my instagram. She was quick and straight to the point by saying, “why did you take your link down to your blog? did you stop writing?” my response went something along the lines of, “i didn’t think anyone was reading, but apparently i was wrong.” she came back to say “really wrong, i did.” so thank you Jordan, for impacting me. you made September 24th 2015 a day i wanted to write about. and just for you, i put my link back up. because big or small a impacting hitting you like a car going a million miles a minute is hardly nothing. i hope you have a day as good as the morning you gave me.


just a little taste of my world.


Hello people,

all of my life I knew I needed to express myself. my thought, and my feelings. I knew this yes, but i never knew just what to do about it. i tried to write, and as you read along with me you’ll see that there is a very big reason as to why i decided to give that up quickly at a young age. So i moved on to drawing, and the second someone had my picture of a cat mixed up with a picture of a horse, i knew this wasn’t the path for me.

When i was fourteen years old i had my first camera in the palm of my hands. Granted, when i was fourteen facebook was actually big. Very big. So everyday running in from school i would drop my things and pick up the camera sitting on my dresser and readers, when i tell you i took pictures of everything, i mean everything. This was it, you guys. i found the love of my life. My outlet was picking up that camera and just with the click of a button i instantly made sense of my world.

Four years later and the game is still going strong. i do photography as a side job doing weddings, senior portraits, pageants, athletic events, team pictures at my local high school. but i have to let you in on a secret, its not the money, and it isn’t just a picture. its all so much more than that. its making someones day. or taking a babies picture in a hospital. taking a photo of a bride when shes staring at herself in the mirror for the first time since putting her dress on. its the moments behind the photo that make doing what i do so much more than income or a way to pass time.

I will never let this go.

the gist.

whats up? my names Katie. Whoever you are reading this out there, if anyone is even reading this at all, I’m letting you in on a side of me no one has ever known. The vulnerable side. Hints the blogging. This blog is an attempt to help me, find me. While I help others find me. Whoever this me we speak of is. This is going to be rough and brutally honest. All of my fears and doubts, my wants and hopes. So let’s go in on this together. What do you say? image